It’s always about the data

From directory services to fully functional business critical systems using multisided platforms the key ingredient is data. Understanding data is crucial to a successful database design. A deep and granular data model helps us to design robust and scalable architecture upon which new functionality can be added.

Business Logic

Once the important data is identified we need to understand how systems work in the real world, particularly how real service users interact with the web platform and how back end system users manipulate data. We work long and hard with stakeholders to build the right functionality and get data spinning.

Business Intelligence

Systems Design

In the real world services are very complex, driven by changing agendas in active markets and usually within tight political and regulatory restraints. We work responsively to make sure that data is presented clearly to help our clients understand appropriate analytics to drive productivity.

Disruptive Technologies

We have designed and built systems in disruptive markets so we understand strategic planning in emerging economies, including health and social care where conventional analytics are unreliable. We are deeply interested in social capital and understanding how to measure returns in social care services.