Our passion for social innovation pushes technology all the way, but people are the most important asset in the real world. We collaborate with key stakeholders in all of our projects to make sure that people benefit from our work. Through close alliances and networks of like-minded people we make a real difference.

Listen and Learn

We believe in iterative design - it really works. It means that we can develop systems and products which are truly fit for purpose. Our design team work tirelessly with stakeholders to ensure that technical solutions mirror real world activity and create exciting and reliable products.



Our main work involves complex platform design, involving many parties and a multi-sided architecture modelling real world relationships. Because we understand the way people and organisations work with each other we can design platforms that benefit from powerful network effects to reduce friction and stimulate growth.

Strategic Partners

We love working with partners who share our vision , our values and energy. We have made many friends along the way and we look forward to meeting new and exciting people to share our ideas, our energy and our relentless determination to overcome unnecessary barriers to the creation of value in our communities.