The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process by which software is built. It defines a series of activities, at the end of which is a deployed and tested system, ready for ongoing evolution. Our SDLC keeps us in touch with stakeholders at every stage from design, coding and testing through to implementation and deployment.

In-house Specialists

Wherever possible we undertake development in house, though we outsource critical processes including penetration testing to make sure that quality is maintained. We offer front-end development to the latest standards, graphic design and animation, system programming, scalable architecture design, database maintenance and full system administration.



We adopt advanced management to mirror real world situations. With in house PRINCE2 qualifications we use AGILE processes to energise our responsive team. Our management skills have been honed in many environments including banking, defence, and healthcare. Our special interest lies in social care– a key sector in which we have led projects for Innovate UK in collaborative R&D.

Platform Management

Platforms are complex technologies and require great experience and deep exposure to real world service delivery. Platforms are increasingly necessary to deal with complex multi-sided interactions in a world that is just too advanced for pipeline strategies. We have developed our brand-leading platform ROVa from first principles – it’s growing all the time.