Fantastic Partnerships

Working with strategic partners we share our vision for technology as an enabler within the field of health and social care. We have worked with many agencies within the NHS, with local authorities, academic institutions and the third sector to explore complex problems and find elegant solutions.

Choice of Project

We specialize in projects that bring people together and focus upon new opportunities that build upon our existing experiences. This way we make gains with each opportunity which would never be realized if we had not specialized. We are always interested in hearing from those with a vision for new models in social care.


Social Innovation

We use our bespoke platform, ROVa, to build new ways of harnessing the massive untapped reserve within the third sector, finding new opportunities for service users in the field of social prescribing, volunteering and in building progressive relationships with their healthcare providers.

Innovate UK

We lead two Innovate UK projects designed to progress relationships between service users and social care providers. In each we deliver novel solutions capable of making great savings to the NHS. What is more important still is making a real difference to people’s lives through efficient and effective connectivity.