What is ROVa?

Over the last five years we’ve been working tirelessly to crack the problem of community care, driven by a belief that smart networks reduce friction between community services and those they try to reach.

We’re talking about a huge number of charities, groups and organisations across the third sector who have something really special to offer but struggle to get to the right people.

ROVa is the result of our journey - it’s a brand new platform connecting people with exciting community services, developing new ideas, improving well-being and helping the hard-pressed NHS along the way.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is about being in tune with yourself, with your environment and about making the most of all of life’s wonderful opportunities.

It’s about sharing with others, meeting new friends, learning new skills, connecting with others and giving whenever we can to improve our health and happiness.

What we’ve learned is that wellbeing is about learning new experiences, about trying new things, about meeting others and about giving back our own skills, energy and time.  This is what generates energy and excitement in this space.


ROVa is very powerful

At its heart is an extensive and advanced database model that connects all the data together and powers a broad range of related functionalities.

This allows people to present any type of opportunity and have it displayed on any number of bespoke front end websites alongside other appropriate content.

Activities, groups, courses and other opportunities are added to the system, checked for quality and governance, and released live to the public.

Just what the doctor ordered!

We know that traditional medical services are overstretched, and in many cases they don’t provide answers for complex problems.

Using the ROVa model we augment the medical model, using community capital and assets more effectively.

Now we’ve got the system running we’re starting to realise that ROVa has become a “Choose & Book” model for the third sector!

How we got here

We’ve been working with fantastic people in the community care world to get ROVa off and running.  This means we’ve developed the system to real world needs - it’s not just a tech solution. 

We’ve won two prestigious awards from Innovate UK to help us on our way.  Check out our resume on the .gov.uk website.

We’re getting a fair bit of interest from people around the country wanting to use the system - if you want to chat to us please contact us here.

Next steps

We’ve put together a host of modular functionality on the back end and in the next 12 months we plan to join all of our functionality together to produce a fully functional portal for all service users.

ROVa will then become the UK’s first ever bespoke Community Services Platform, using powerful network effects to drive uptake and offer a solution to struggling healthcare resources.

We’ve also been invited to present ROVa at the 2017 King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress in London - if you’re there do come and say hello.

So many players

There are lots of different roles in the ROVA ecosystem, each representing people who interact in a complex health and social care environment.

We have split the roles broadly into providers and users of services, the regulators who monitor and watch what is going on to make sure things are safe, and the collaborators who work within the system but who may not need to have an active role at all times.

Platform power

The ROVA ecosystem has at its heart a powerful database and back end systems churning through a range of complex functions.

The central platform manages all of the connections between the various agents to manage information flow, reduce friction and match resources.

Now ROVA is up and running we are starting to understand the workflow of Social Prescribing a little better.