Working with the West of England AHSN

AHSNs matter

Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) help SMEs to develop new technologies for the NHS. We work very closely with our local AHSN in the West of England to help us reach commissioners and other stakeholders involved in Social Prescribing and Public Health services.

Dealing with unmet need

Our AHSN is very supportive of our work, helping us to refine our products and showcase them to commissioners in region. We work with their experts to help us understand unmet need in the NHS, to make our products the best that they could possibly be.

Region to Region

Our AHSN is a part of a wider network. Through them we have been introduced to other health economies within the UK, helping us to get the message out. Our Social Prescribing platform, ROVA, is now getting attention across the country, and even further afield.

ROVA Social Prescribing

Our most recent project with the AHSN has focused on Social Prescribing data, and how commissioners can get the most value from it using real time data from the ROVA platform. This is exciting work, and feedback from commissioners has been universally positive.