Matching Algorithms in Social Prescribing

Working with Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the UK's leading innovation agency. We worked with them over a two year period to analyse urban data in Bath to find ways to enhance Social Prescribing. In this project we collaborated with the University of Bath, the Wellbeing College, DHI and other key agencies.

A new step in Social Prescribing

The key question was whether we could introduce smart technology to guide people when making choices, rather than leaving them to browse alone. We worked to find relationships between an individiual's needs and the types of courses, groups and activities available.

Gathering the data

Collaboration was the key to success in this project. Our partners interviewed service users to measure individual needs, gathering data to show which courses, group and activities would address specific situations. This data was collated, aggregated and passed to us for processing.

Joining the dots - SPIRA

Our job was to design an algorithm and build front-end interfaces. The resulting system, SPIRA, allows care navigators and clients to respond to simple questions and derive intelligent suggestions from the ROVA platform, giving access to a wide range of possible opportunities held on the database.