Developing the VolHub for the BANES Volunteer Network

How it began

The VolHub was born following a casual conversation between ourselves, Kate Morton from Bath Mind, and our local commissioners because everyone realised that we needed to do more to add value for vulnerable people when they engage with volunteering opportunities.

What is progression?

We wanted to make sure that volunteers got the most they could out of their volunteering activity, recording their achievements at each step, ensuring that their record of this journey could help them later on. We call this concept 'Progression'.

Winning the bid

We worked with Bath MIND and our commissioners to raise funds for this project, entering an Innovate UK competition to develop technology in 'The Sharing Economy'. This was a hugely oversubscribed competition, but we pitched successfully in London to make the project a reality.

Working together

The most important aspect to the development was the level of collaboration between stakeholders, including the BANES Volunteer Network, an amazing example of how like-minded local charities come together to help service users.

Technical elegance

Because the ROVA platform has been designed to support all stakeholders in the community, we were able to build the new VolHub module and simply bolt it on to the core system, saving huge amounts of time & money, and getting the project finished on time.

A successful pilot

The VolHub went live in August 2017 and has been a huge success. The Volunteer Network has grown, and service users are getting direct benefit from this new service. Before VolHub this service did not exist, so it's proven itself to be a real gem!