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A New Model of Affordable Care

  • Super-simple interface to find local health providers
  • Simple online booking and payment
  • Small providers get a chance to manage their appointments
  • Governance protocols to ensure provider accreditation
  • Opening up the market to reduce cost

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Check out your local area for healthcare providers and search & filter for what you need. Compare providers to find the right appointment at the right price.


When you've found what you need, go ahead and book; it's really easy because we've used the latest technnology to enable online paytments. Your contract is with the provider, but we make sure that the transaction is secure. You'll get an online receipt and your booking will be logged.

...and Pay

Payment is simple and secure, using your credit card or PayPal. Your transaction will be tracked and logged and you can log in at any time to the site to see your account activity, and to access a range of tools to help you as a customer enjoy the best service.

Provider Portal

If you're a healthcare provider, your view of the service is via the Provider Portal - a secure service designed to give you a full editing suite for your diary and appointments, together with a range of tools to interact with your customers online.