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  • Making sense of complex datasets
  • Processing data to produce meaningful information
  • Data visualisation - help your audience understand
  • Data management - let's work on this together...

What do you need?

Data can be tricky. It needs to be understood, processed, sliced & diced. The challenge only increases as you collect more of it, in terms of both scope and quantity. This is where we can help - we will work with you to make sure that your data is processed safely and intelligently to reveal insight for you and your clients.

We are data experts, and we'll build a solution for you, helping your project to burst into life.

Complex datasets

You have to take time to understand the relationships between the different data entities that you are dealing with if you are going to maximise the quality of information from your data.  Information and data are in fact two different things and the power of big data lies in derivation of the most useful information.  This is where we can really help.

Processing data

Data processing is about the tasks we perform to make data reveal its underlying use.  It involves operations that transform, aggregate and organise data to simplify the extraction of new information - this involves careful consideration of the structure and use for which data is collected.

Data visualisation

Data can be viewed from many different angles. Data visualisation is about intelligently identifying the most appropriate visual representation of that data, that reveals the most meaning to its audience. Using graphical interfaces and tools we can superimpose layers of data over each other to reveal even more insights.

Data management

This is about the data lifecycle and the processes which we use to ensure that new information is added without any harm to legacy information.  These processes include how we gather new data, archive old data and how we make sure that we adopt all of the governance rules which support safety and consumer confidence.