The whole lifecycle

Which bit do you need?

We're happy building you a whole platform, if that's what you need. But if you're only after enhancements to your existing service then that's okay by us.

We can handle complex tech and we have a full understanding of healthcare systems.

We'll work with you to deliver a solution that meets your needs, whether you need something small for a particular purpose or whether you need a scalable solution to reach a large number of people.

And it's going to be GDPR compliant, and very secure.

Check out the steps

Arrows pointing in towards an 'i' icon for information, to represent initiation.


Understanding the project | Defining the scope | Incorporate GDPR requirements | Identify stakeholders | Review use-cases


Model the data-flow | Define the physical architecture | Address security requirements | Define users & RBAC | Perform industry consultation | Front-end data representation

An icon showing two hands as a viewfinder, representing scoping.
An icon showing a spanner tightening a nut, to represent build.


Construct database | Create interfaces for stakeholders | Compile micro-services | Implement new APIs | Dedicated front-end services | Graphics, artworks, animations.


In-house systems administration | Provide dedicated hosting | Server hardening | Domain & email configuration | Network integration

An icon of servers or hardware with a cloud, to suggest infrastructure.
An icon of a plug going into a power socket to represent integration.


External system connections | Business component interoperability | API resilience | Module integration | System support services


Unit testing | System testing | End-to-End integration testing | Performance testing | User testing & feedback | Acceptance testing | Penetration testing

An icon of  a checklist and pencil, to represent testing.
An icon of a finger pressing a button to represent going live.

7Go Live

Seed the database | Prepare production environment | Initialise user accounts | User training | Documentation handover | Sign-off to go live


Post go-live review | Provide support tools | Access to systems administration | Regular logging checks | Systems reports | Full technical support

An icon of headphones with a microphone used by call centres, to represent support.
An icon of a paintbrush with some coloured paint, to represent enhancements.


Additional modules | Presentational upgrades | Feedback-driven improvements | Scaling into new territories

Commission us to work on the bits you need

We can do as much or as little as you need to sort out your project.

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GDPR Compliance

We'll meet your compliance issues and help you understand your responsibilities.

  • Understanding Information Audits and Data Flow
  • Taking a 'Privacy by Design' approach
  • Knowing your Responsibilities
  • Legitimate Data and User Rights