Mediview Rx

An image of a laptop showing a map and a graph with prescription data

Monitor GP prescription spending using Mediview Rx

  • Understand differences in prescribing across practices
  • See how drugs are split out by medical condition
  • Watch prescription trends over time
  • See how community interventions affect spending
  • Uses the latest NHS Digital data
  • Seamlessly connects to all other ROVA modules
  • A perfect bolt-on for your Social Prescribing project

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What is the problem?

It can take a lot of effort for commissioners and managers to access up-to-date information about prescribing trends in their area and beyond. This is because they rely upon 3rd party providers to process their requests and deliver subsets of the available data.

It's very hard for people running community services to understand conventional spending in the community without a clear view of what's going on because so many community resources aim to help people find solutions without requiring drugs.

In an evidence-based world it's right that community providers should have the same view of the data as commissioners.

Who is this for?

Mediview Rx can be provided as a standalone system for commissioners or for any other organisation wanting to understand how medicines are prescribed in the community.

Because the module can be plugged into the ROVA platform it can be used to monitor trends in prescribing activity against alternative interventions using community assets and resources.

This module provides visibility to any 3rd sector organisation involved in providing community care, enabling better understanding of medical processes and helping to direct services for particular groups of individuals in need of support.