Options Now

Laptop screen with an image of a map and pins with service locations.

Manage new service directories with Options Now

  • Complete management of any dedicated directory of services
  • Entrust data ownership to the service provider
  • Moderation of any new directory entry
  • Bespoke your offer to address your audience
  • Seamlessly connects to all other ROVA modules

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What makes this different?

The last generation of directories have helped organise a range of resources in our community but the next generation needs to go far beyond this.

Options Now is part of the ROVA suite of products and is built to integrate data with a range of care pathways and authorised sharing of data between all of the key stakeholders.

Not only can we arrange information using the latest smart interfaces but we offer secure accounts to individual service providers to manage their own data, to take stress away from the central administrators. We call this 'devolved permissioning' and we use the term 'Associates' to describe people entrusted to update their own information.

Transforming your service

Directory entries held within Options Now are accessible via a comprehensive API which means that we can build your front-end for you, or you could plug the directory data into an existing website - the architecture enables a completely flexible approach.

Once you've got Options Now, you can start to bolt on any of our other modules, or create new services worthy of the 21st century, to deliver care pathways and tangible benefits for all of your users.