QR Magic

Scanning a QR Code as part of a behaviour change programme

Let Advanced QR Codes Drive Your Application

  • Generate QR labels or stickers at will
  • Your QR codes can go anywhere you want - indoors or outdoors
  • Our smart-phone app helps your customer engage with community assets
  • Manage the backend yourself through your own portal
  • Define what you need the codes to do

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QR Codes open new horizons.

QR Codes are an advanced type of bar code which can be recognised by smart-phones to trigger any type of response that you need from your project.

They were first used by the automotive industry in Japan in the 1990s but are now widespread - you see them everywhere from coffee-shops to petrol stations.

We've built QR code recognition for community projects so that people can engage with community assets to track participation in a range of given scenarios.

Tell us what you need them to do

You'll have ideas about how your project needs to look and we can help you configure a smart-phone app to your design and produce bespoke labels at minimal cost.

QRs are versatile. They can track attendance, reveal information about locations or be built into a larger behaviour change challenge for the population at scale.

Don't get left behind - QR codes offer immense opportunity to engage with your clients and customers. We're here to make that a reality.