Smart Pins

Laptop screen with an image of a map and large smart pins for recommendations.

Anticipate unmet need using Smart Pins

  • Overlay multiple datasets to reveal a complete picture
  • Bespoke your maps with any boundaries you need
  • Filter and sort pins to address a particular focus
  • Choose your algorithm to anticipate unmet need
  • Seamlessly connects to all other ROVA modules
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Data insight matters

There is so much data available but rarely is it available in one place for those who could derive the most benefit from it.

Smart pins make use of multiple layers of data and reveal new insight through the use of complex algorithms. Of course, the algorithm depends very much on what you need to show - but it's about identifying unmet need and helping you plan.

Smart pins are a mechanism for any dataset so they work across industries. Use them in Health Care, Community Planning, and any other sector where multiple layers of data need to be put to good use.

Putting it into practice

If you are a CCG, you might use Smart Pins to drive cost savings in your drug budget, working out where best to focus attention and where you might want to deliver alternative care opportunities to help your patients.

If you are a community provider, find out where your service lacks reach and use data insight to help allocate new resource.

Maybe you're joining up services for the first time and you need to understand a fluid environment of multiple providers - Smart Pins can help show what connections need to be made.

Get in touch to find out how Smart Pins could help you.