Targeted Projects

If you're a commissioner, this is for you...

Save money for the NHS using bespoke community solutions and help drive up quality at the same time.

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  • Know where you're going - set targets at the start
  • Reduce unnecessary prescriptions
  • Save money and improve care at the same time
  • Use data to show the project has been a success
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What is a targeted project?

There are many ways to improve care whilst reducing spend on medicines. Targeted Social Prescribing mobilises community assets in a structured and measurable way to help people with specific needs.

Optimising your prescribing budget

Optimise your prescribing budget by focusing on medical conditions that require drugs. It's our job to help you deliver a project where community resources are a better solution for patients.

Patient progression

In your project, identify the community based assets which your patients need and together we'll configure the system and make sure it works for your GP community.

Measuring outcomes

Our tech provides all of the data you need to see to understand prescribing activity alongside details of all the resources which have been used to help. Everything is secure, audited and visible to you, the commissioner.