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Grow volunteers' resilience using VolHub

  • Enables volunteers to grow in confidence by mentored progression
  • Fosters collaboration between local 3rd sector organisations
  • Reduces administration through secure data sharing
  • Help people build a CV of achievements and experiences
  • Seamlessly connects to all other ROVA modules

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What do we mean by progression?

'Progression' is about helping an individual gain skills, confidence & resilience through the act of volunteering itself, and in so doing help them move from a hard or tricky position in their life to a better one.

This progression is often best achieved by a mentored approach, with the individual being encouraged and helped thorugh the decision-making process by peers or recognised esperts working in recognised local charities or other 3rd sector organisations.

How VolHub gets it done

VolHub is a bespoke module for the ROVA platform - it was commissioned to allow people to undertake volunteering activities, develop their own resilience and progression through difficult times.

Many different provider organisations present opportunities and training for volunteers, to help them build a CV of achievements and experiences, creating a brand new care pathway from existing commmunity assets.